Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Public Service Announcement

Just like that one time in Roman Empire camp when Romulus Augustus was forced to abdicate to the Germanic warlord Odoacer, I look back at my once majestic blog and wonder where it all went wrong. Well that’s not true exactly;I know exactly why for the past six months my blog has been as neglected as a spending jar belonging to the Jewish version of Scrooge. It all has to do with the issue of minor celebrity.

You see in June 2011 I created something unique for my city –a magazine that focused on the local alternative scene. It was a simple yet effective idea, which quickly took off. Before I knew it everyone seemed to know my name, and the fan base for the magazine has rapidly grown. Put simply the whole project has gone from strength to strength and as a result my team has expanded to cover other areas. Yet with such popularity came the inevitable well executed punch to the bollocks –hard work. People came to expect a certain level of work ethic from me, despite the fact I don’t get paid for running the bloody thing. Between this magazine, work and a girlfriend, The Crusades of a Critic fell by the way side.

I had long forgotten about my beloved Crusades until a few months back when I decided to create a blog for my magazine. I went through the archived posts and knew I had to get back into it – the problem was finding something to write about and the time to do it. I simply watched as events such as Kony 2012 (I really wanted to rip slacktivism a new one) and that racist bus passenger passed by. However I have been particularly filled with bile lately, and the other day I penned down a review – the hate filled lines, non sequiturs and bizarre metaphors came flooding back.

So here I am, a changed beast, but one that can still knock a good one out (and I write reviews too hur hur). I aim to keep things semi-regular, or my version of semi-regular at least; which I believe is as often as a Bollywood film being released which doesn’t contain an elaborate song and dance number.

If perchance you are interested in my magazine, I’ll include the link to its official Facebook page below. I would also link its official Blogger too but that place is currently deader than Double Take’s dubious music career.