Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Bussokuseki Styled Ditties

This week, akin to the man who discovered cows excrete milk, I felt that I would try something different and as such here are a collection of short songs that I wrote in Bussokuseki-style, an archaic poetic device in which lines are written in a 5-7-5-7-7-7 mora pattern. Feel free to exact cruel and ironic revenge on a critic who normally attacks his subjects like a starving dog in a butcher shop. And before any smart arses mention otherwise fier isn’t spelt incorrectly, it is spelt in the medieval style because as we all know I am secretly a time traveller…not as believable as the excuse of illiteracy admittedly.

Midnight Fier

This covers the subject of nuclear war/annihilation, which being a misanthrope was hard to portray as negative.

On the Judgement day
The sirens begin to sing
A callous warning
The president gives the word
His enemies will now pay
There stood once the Narva gate

Blitzkrieg Symphony

This is about WWII and was inspired by a game of Risk of all things.

Roll out the Panzers
Destroy with the Howitzers
A species at war
Smashed bones, It’s our hymn of gore
The virus of man spreading
Human souls sent for shredding

Shadow of Lonewolf

In this a mysterious figure known as the Lonewolf seeks justice against a mysterious oppression – ok you caught me it is hard to create detail in 6 short lines.

Prowler in the night
The master of the battle
Clutching steel justice
And crushing all that oppose
Walking, hidden among you
With the Reaper by his side

Humanity for Sale

Inspired the recession, and I managed to avoid the whole “Who is to blame? The bankers, God how I hate those wankers’ route.

Human life sacred?
No, as now it is priceless
Worthless in a world
That is bankrupt of morals
Humanity is for sale
For only a dollar or less