Saturday, 10 October 2009

Tinchy Stryder AKA Cry Baby

Recently Tinchy Stryder has moved up my hit list. Previous to last week he was an insignificant pest responsible for audiodiarrhea such as Stryderman and Take me back who I couldn’t give two shits about. However now he also turns out to be a bloody massive crybaby, which has resulted in him plaguing the papers causing me to display my anger. You see at the MOBO awards last week he was so sure of his success that he might as well have bought a t-shirt which claimed how brilliant he is. However in a wonderful twist by the Gods of fate he didn’t get an award, and got into a hissy fit. I don’t know why to be honest, I mean it’s not like a MOBO award is the greatest accolade going, or even why somebody needs physical trinkets to know that they aren’t a complete loser.

But now he is boycotting the MOBO awards and even claiming they don’t truly represent the people’s views – who is this guy? Stalin? You can have a vote as long as it is for him is the gist of what he is saying. I have an idea, get over yourself and go be a sore loser in your basement so that unsympathetic people like me don’t have to open the paper every day to read how you was robbed of something that wasn’t even yours. God and I thought Napoleon was a bad loser.