Tuesday, 27 October 2009

2 Extremists 1 Rant

So the big news story of last week – Nick Griffin appearing on Question Time, the BBC’s flagship political show. The whole affair had a somewhat ironic undertone; anti-BNP protestors against the BNP’s fascist view imposing methods decided to impose their own views, the media disgusted at the BBC giving Nick Griffin a platform to put across his views expressed their outrage by ensuring the event had maximum exposure. Personally I’m glad that he was allowed on not least because it adheres to the whole point of a democracy but because it reinforced our perceptions of him – that he is an misinformed disgusting bigot with the same charisma levels as a rabid dog. And in the end it changed nothing we didn’t wake up the next morning only to discover we were now living in an ultra-right wing fascist regime, no more so than we are now.

Griffin throughout last week expressed smugness levels that only Simon Cowell could challenge, since he reckoned that this was the BBC’s gift to the BNP but I disagree. He was humiliated on a national scale – even if his party gains a few thousand more members the fact that his policies and his beliefs were rigorously exposed and jeered far outweighs this. The audience verbally ripped him a new one and his fellow panellists (not including that moron Jack Straw) ran rings around him. A little advice Mr Griffin when someone has video evidence of you making outrageous statements such as denying the holocaust unless you’re Shaggy it won’t work if you just deny it – instead claim it was your sinister twin brother, or that you have social faux pas disorder. Mind you it doesn’t matter what he says as he couldn’t be anymore hated even if he released a single with Crazy Frog which was about John Barrowman.

Some have said Griffin handled the situation well enough considering and to a certain extent this is true; he handled it like any racist being thrown into a crowd of ravenous non-racists. He simply kept nervously laughing and grinning like Muttly suffering from dementia. Throughout he exuded unholy amounts of sweat, was nervous and had a tendency to exacerbate any points he was making, it ironically seemed as though he was being questioned by the Gestapo. One thing I will begrudgingly say in his defence is that the other politicians from the three major parties (that’s Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrats in case you’re thick or American) were constantly trying to use the ire against Nick Griffin to extenuate the mistakes made by their parties. Maybe if they had spent the time working on solutions to the multitude of issues plaguing the nation instead of extorting the tax payer and trying to find a scape goat for when it inevitably goes tits up we might not have found ourselves in this situation. But expecting a politician to be candid is like expecting Jason Voorhees not to appear in another ten sequels.

His own worst enemy is himself, his sordid racist past constantly came back to haunt him such as when the panel began asking him about his KKK leader friend, and to try and save face Griffin responded that his friend was always a non-violent KKK member. And for most of the show he had to sweepingly contradict himself with every statement because he couldn’t afford to admit to the claims he previously made even when the evidence slapped him in the face. As well as this there were times when his racist ideology seeped through the pores of his ‘respectable’ disguise, he would begin making an arguably valid point about immigration then he tangents expectorating statements about indigenous people and skin pigmentation. I was honestly half expecting him to unveil a new BNP policy on global warming which attributes it down to ethnics destroying the polar icecaps because they’re white. And he wonders why the audience inundated the room with bitterness.

I’ve always found it funny that the advocates of the idea of a master race are always psychically and intellectually inferior themselves. If there is really a race of Norse supermen I very much doubt they would include Nick griffin after all he is more Skeletor and we all know how he and He-man got on.

Now he has the audacity to claim the show was staged to be a lynch mob, though who really cares. Asking us to feel sorry for this vile man is like saying that would should sympathise with Josef Fritzl because he hasn’t received a father’s day card in the last two decades. But I think this shows that he doesn’t have a hope of getting into power because even Hitler had wide spread support, whereas Griffin is as popular as the rape scene from the Deliverance.

Elsewhere in extremist land Islamic fanatic Anjem Choudary has released on the Islam4UK website a series of badly photoshoped images of London to show how the capital would look under his rule. He apparently felt a responsibility which if you ask me is presumptuous to say the least, though he has displayed a distinct level of initiative that most city planners lack. And maybe when he is done he can give my house the makeover that it so desperately needs. The images show that changes would include the removal of Lord Nelson from his column and the transformation of Buckingham palace into a giant mosque.

Typically newspapers such as The Star went with its usually scaremongering rather than say that it is all deluded fantasy like playing Guitar Hero and imaging you’re not a loser. While all fanatics such as Choudary and Griffin can easily be pushed aside they can be damaging. For example monumental prats like Choudary tarnish the entire British Muslim community which helps fuel the BNP’s odious opinions. So Mr Choudary please go sit in the fucking corner while the adults speak.