Sunday, 30 August 2009

Big Brother Bites the Dust

I found the news of Big Brother being axed rather bittersweet if I am honest, on one hand I was glad to see the back of the loser's choice of replacement for having a life. The whole premise is somewhat ironic - inspired by George Orwell's 1984 where the Big Brother state perpetually monitors every moment of life against the will of the citizens - whereas here we have people who would die if they thought people weren't watching them 24/7. A mind numbingly pointless programme which provided a sad social commentary on the state of British society - not least the fact that somebody could become famous for having a wank in a box live on TV (yes there is a hint of jealousy there) but because it allowed the world to believe our society is made up of creatures that make Neanderthals look like the pinnacle of creation. Let’s not forget all the bigot contestants such as Jade Goody (not to point the blame finger) who took part and made Ian Douglas Smith seem tolerant in comparission.

However I'll miss the freak show as it served as a helpful reminder that for all my faults I am not the biggest freak in this kingdom - and that’s just the viewers. It’s not the worst reality game show around because at least the contestants go through some torture (though unfortunately not The Iron Maiden) and face battles of attrition unlike Deal or No Deal where Noel Edmonds tries to convince us that opening a bunch of boxes is a spiritual journey - obviously he has never been in Tescos at 3AM and seen the shelf stackers. Then I remember that the Inbetweeners repeats at one in the morning were taken off for Big Brother live thus removing any empathy as I watch the show burn in Hell alongside Furbies, legwarmers and Boy George. Big Brother may be watching you, but it looks like no one was watching Big Brother.