Contained here is a collection of my mad ramblings. Rants differ from my reviews because they are short, straight to the point, and at times incoherent; owing to the fact that they come straight from my mind to paper without being edited at all, so are the subject of pure unadulterated rage.

Rants so far:

Animal Abuse

Enlarging your penis and other scams

A rant on Warcraft addicts

Big Brother

Comments on my mugging

End of the world May 2011

How to Lose Friends and Alienate People: Microsoft Edition

Portal 2 'excitement' & other weird tales

Resolutions for 2011

Season's Bleatings


Tinchy Stryder

Won't Somebody Think of the Children?

World Cup Madness

X-Factor Trading Cards

The Scum Rants

I dislike many of the planet's inhabitants, however the section is reserved for those that really deserve to be named, shamed and summarily sent to work in the forced labour camp I'll soon be setting up.

Rants so far:

Short Rant on Scum I (Alcoholic Chavs)

Short Rant on Scum II (Botox Mother)

Short Rant on the Riots 2011 (Special)

Short Rant on Scum III (Sacrificial Parents)


These are different from rants quite simply because they are closer to my reviewing style. Whilst unmistakably rant orientated, they are longer and more properly researched.

Essays so far:

2 Extremists 1 Rant

I Less Than Three You (Word Usage Rant)

Public Service Announcement 

Television Round up 

Other Stuff: 

Second Birthday Celebrations