Welcome to The Crusades of a Critic, an infrequently updated review blog that's like a drunken hobo stuck in a video rental store. Created in 2009 as a way of solving the boredom of living alone - after the euphoria of near-constant wanking wore off - The Crusades of a Critic focused primarily on shite movies, video games, and music. Since then the increasingly redundantly named blog has expanded its approach with reviews of my favourite media.

Recurring elements in my reviews include surrealism, cynicism, nihilism, misanthropy, and obscure references that most people probably have to Google. The Crusades of a Critic officially celebrated its fifth birthday in July 2014. Making it almost as old as some of my t-shirts.

Need more Iron? Then you should probably see a dietitian! Bad jokes aside, I created and used to edit an alternative music webzine, which finished its run in 2014. From 2012 - 2014 I also wrote for What Culture.

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